Have you ever felt the emotional pain from a denied visa for your loved one after sending an invitation letter?

Help your loved one with these time tested tips on how to multiply their chances of getting a tourist visa!

You may not be able to control the decision of the visa officer but you can greatly reduce the chances of being refused!!
Here is what is in  The Ultimate Visa Application / Interview Kit for  your Guest (family, and loved ones):
  1. What the Visa Officers Want
  2. Why Visas are denied
  3. Suggestions on documents that will strengthen any visa application
  4. Document organization tips that will make any application stand out
  5. An overview of top mistakes people make at visa interviews
  6. Sample interview questions
  7. Time tested tips for the day of the interview
  8. A master key (mindset) for an Outstanding Interview
  9. A sample letter from their employer.
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Visa Interview kit

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We are here to help you through your visa application and Interview process. This kit could easily save you or your guests hundreds of dollars .  However in order to make this kit available to as many people as possible, We are making it available  for $29.89 $9.98. With this one time payment of $9.89 you get:

  • The Ultimate Visa Application and Interview Preparation Kit
  • 7 days Money Back Guarantee if the kit does not meet your expectation.
  • The experience of someone who has helped many other people
  • A Kit that you can send along with unlimited number of invitation letters you ever have to write

For the quality of information in this guide, the amount of time I have invested in making it available in this format, this is a fantastic deal. What do most of our guests do? They go to “Visa Consultants” who charge them anything from $200 – $2000 just to help with their application. Many times these “consultants” are not even available and are not aware of the mindsets of the foreign visa officers.

You can send this Kit along with your invitation letter to save your loved one (guest) and yourself the emotional trauma of a denied visa.
Get the KIT for $9.89  before the offer expires!

Our 7 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure of the value of the content of the Ultimate Visa Application/Interview Kit that I back it with a 7 days money back Guarantee. If you do not find the material in this ebook helpful and you let me know within 7 days, I will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked. You have nothing to loose.


The Ultimate Visa Application and Interview Kit for Only $9.89!

Visa Interview kit

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If you have any questions please send them to ade@visainterview.info. I am here to help and I will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.  I wish you and your guests the very best.